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Dr. Sevinor is donating $250,000 worth of his effective instantly gratifying skin care product, "Wrinkle Solution Serum," to help women caregivers to present their best face forward and “To Love The Skin They’re In.”

Pandemic Reflections
  • The “new normal” can be you without wrinkles.
  • Your skincare routine is one of the true constants during these difficult times and should be affordable, multi-benefit, fun, and easy to apply, and based upon science and innovative technology - not based on Elaborate packaging.
  • Honor women caregivers who do so much every day and now more than ever.
  • Women have to remember that they cannot be of any help to their loved ones if they aren’t well themselves.
  • Women need to find the time to do things that they enjoy doing on their own and to boost their spirits,  and not feel guilty about it!
  • Most importantly, women need to give themselves permission to take a break from the caregiver role and to be good to themselves!
  • Don't Ever Feel Invisible- Find The Tools To Feel Visible!
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Michelle Obama
"Women Need To Do A Better Job Of Putting Themselves Higher on Their "To Do" List."
“At The End Of The Day, It's Not About What You Have Or Even What You've Accomplished...
It's About Who You've lifted Up,
Who You've Made Better,
It Is About What You've Given Back."
Denzel Washington

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